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Symmetrical / Asymmetrical Profiles

No two streets are ever really the same. UrbanPaint allows you to create street profiles that are symmetrical, or simply set inputs to create a street that has two very different conditions along the width of the street profile.



Simply overlay profile lines on generated UrbanPaint streets and provide parametric inputs to create an intersection. The intersections include set backs, curb radius, traffic lights, stop signs and even crosswalks.


Roads + Parking + Medians

UrbanPaint allows you to fully customize the streetscape with a variety of parking options (head in, diagonal, stall, etc), a variety of medians (striped, concrete island, planters and Jersey Barriers). Set the number of roads, whether roads have a centerline, and more options.


Street Entourage

Create attached walks or detached walks with lawns, amenity zones and planters. Select and add pedestrian lights, parking meters, streetlights, trees and tree grates. Create the complete streetscape with these options.

Street entourage
Building massings

Building Massings

Populate your street with building massings. Select from single family homes, multifamily and all the way up to 50+ -story buildings. Quickly and easily create rich contextual streets filled with buildings.


Parking Tool

Quickly generate parking areas of any size with this parking tool. Select two points and then drag the curser to create a rectangular parking surface with striping.


Fully Editable Models

All the UrbanPaint generated streetscapes can be completely edited. They are simple SketchUp geometry, components, and groups. Further customize your street model as needed.


Saving Profiles

UrbanPaint allows you to save the profiles you create and reload them to use as needed. Generate a complete library of street profiles to save you tons of time and create highly detailed models.

Parking tool